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Control algorithm with Matlab Simulink.

The GOcontroll Moduline III and IV are able to run compiled models which are build in Matlab Simulink. The model based environment enables the user to build high end, real time control systems with the GOcontroll Moduline.

Simulink provides an extensive library of function blocks (depending on installed plugins) that can be used to build your control system with. Ideal for prototyping and robust for production.

HANcoder STM32 Target is part of the open model based development (openMBD) suite created by HAN Automotive Research. The HANcoder blockset contains function blocks that can be used to interface the optional plugin modules and the on-board features. The HANcoder STM32 Target can be found on gitlab.

HANtune is a XCP based monitoring and calibration tool that works with HANcoder tools. The GOcontroll Moduline allows the user to use these tools to speeds up development and debugging. More information about HANcoder and HANtune can be found on openMBD 

GOcontroll function blocks.

To make a quick start interfacing the GOcontroll Moduline hardware, a template project is available including a set of blocks specific for the Moduline controllers.

In comparison with Node-RED, the Simulink also enables the user to setup the hardware using an interactive menu. The example on the right shows the configuration screen from the output module. The available options are:

  • Sample time to determine the frequency from this block execution
  • Slot on which the module is physically pluggen into the controller
  • The configuration of the specified output
  • The output frequency in case of PWM type output.


Monitoring and calibration with HANtune.

Building control algorithms for the Moduline controllers with Matlab Simulink enables the user to use HANtune. HANtune is a XCP based monitoring and calibration tool that can be used to tune your control algorithm.

When designing the model, signals and parameters can be named to make them available to HANtune using the XCP protocol. After uploading the compiled binary to the controller, a connection can be made using ethernet or WLAN to retrieve the signals and paramaters from the model. During run-time, parameters can be updated and the behavior of the model can be observed real time.

Matlab Simulink and Node-RED.

Beside Matlab Simulink, the GOcontroll Moduline can also be programmed with Node-RED. The Node-RED environment is running on the controller by default and enables the user to build simple logic control systems and customize them in the field without the need of third party software or programming tools. To combine the strengths of each environment, GOcontroll developed function nodes for both Node-RED and Simulink to exchange data between the two environments.

The nodes create a virtual connection between the two platforms to exchange data. For example, in this way Simulink can be used to build the real time control application and Node-RED takes care of the internet communication for remote monitoring.

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