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Getting started with the GOcontroll Moduline III

This getting started will guide you through the first steps of setting up the GOcontroll Moduline III controller.

  • It is important that at least connector C is connected to a power supply (ground, +30 and +15).
  • The antenna needs to be present on the controller.
  • A laptop or PC with Wi-Fi capabilities and a web browser (Chrome preferred)

Step 1

The controller can be switched on by the +15 input. If this pin goes high, the controller will boot. The controller can be accessed in two different ways.

Connect via wired network

In this case, the controller needs to be connected to an existing network with the included ethernet cable. The controller will receive a IP address from the DHCP server of the router. Check the assigned IP address by opening the router configuration and search for a DHCP list. Check your router manual for the exact approach of opening the router backend. Once you have find the DHCP list, search for a Debian device and note the IP address.

Connect via WiFi

When the controller is accessed via Wi-Fi, the only thing you need to do is connect to the by the controller generated WiFi network. The credentials are by default:

SSID: GOcontroll-AP

PASS: Moduline3

Step 2

Now we are going to connect to the Node-RED environment, running on the controller. The environment is running as a webservice so it can be accessed with a web browser. If you made a wired connection to a network, you have retrieved the DHCP IP address at step 2. Use this address to connect to the controller with the following added port:

<your retrieved ip address>:1880

If you connect to the controller via WiFi, the controller has a fixed IP address. Connect to the environment using:

Once your are connected to the Node-RED environment, a screen will pop up asking for login credentials. By default, the credentials are:

Login: GOcontroll

Pass: Moduline3

If connecting to Node-RED is succesfull, the template flow will load and you are ready to go.

Node-RED GOcontroll nodes

On the left side of the environment you will find the node pallet. There are many different nodes available which can be used to build your control system. There are also some dedicated GOcontroll nodes to control or configure the controller. On the left, scroll to the bottom to check which nodes are available.

How to configure nodes

Information about signals going into the node or coming from the node, is embedded in each node. Simply click the node and open the information tab in the right upper corner. The node information will be showed.

Beside the GOcontroll nodes, a lot of other nodes are available in the Node-RED environment. For more information about the core nodes of Node-RED, please visit the Node-RED website.

Node information

Node configuration

Node Pallet