Build you custom controller

Building your custom controller is easy. Plug the modules you need for you application into your processor board, close the aluminium housing and the hardware is ready to use. With the help of a model bases software development environment, you can build you control algorithm without the knowledge of a programming language. Finally wire up you controller and you system is ready to use.

Starting with the processor board

The base of your custom controller is the processor board. There are several commonly used features integrated on the processor board such as BluetTooth, USB, Ethernet, CAN communication ports, MMC storage and the possibility to add an Arduino shield. For specific input, output, you can extent your controller with up to 8 GOcontroll modules. Read more about the processor board.

Which modules do you need?

According to your application demands, you can extent you custom controller with modules. For example,you want to set up you IoT controller to measure some analog and digital values and send them over the internet, Simply plug in a 6 channel input module and a GSM-GPRS module. Do you also want to control some actuators from over the internet? No problem. the only thing you have to do is add an extra 6 channel output module. Read more about modules.

A protective enclosure

Your custom hardware needs to be protected against hars environ Read more about the enclosure

Model basedĀ software development

fld Read more about model based software development.