GOcontroll Moduline II.

The basic of the Moduline controllers is the processorboard. The board is designed according automotive specifications to withstand al kind of influences in a harsh environments.

The microcontroller on the processorboard can be programmed with a prebuild C software API (free of charge). This API interfaces the onboard communications, I/O features and interfaces the optional added IO modules. Beside the C software API, the controller can also be programmed using Matlab Simulink. There are function blocks available to interface the onboard communications and the optional added IO modules. More information about configuring these modules can be found on dedicated modules pages.

Onboard features.

The GOcontroll Moduline II controller is standard equipped with some features which can be used in applications without the need of extra modules plugged into the controller.

Feature Specification
8 Module slots For Moduline compatible modules
4 Onboard programmable status leds Single color orange
USB 2.0
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
2.4 GHz p2p communication BT 4.2
2 x CAN CAN 2.0 B
Internal storage ( max 8Gb) MMC card (internal)
Arduino header (internal) Arduino compatible header for prototype applications

Processor specifications.

The GOcontroll Moduline II controller is equipped with an application microcontroller which is only used for the application. Low level signal processing is handled locally by the modules.

Moduline II Specification
Processor STM32 F407 Cortex M4
Architecture ARM® 32 bit
Flash memory 1 MB
RAM memory 196 KB
Core speed 168 MHz
Program interface (using C API) JTAG (onboard)(1)
Program interface (generated code with Matlab Simulink (2)) USB/CAN/Ethernet

Controller connections.

Connector A

Module 1 & 2

Module 3 & 4

System connections

Module 5 & 6

Module 7 & 8

Connector B

Connector C

Connector E

Connector D

An active high +15 will activate the controller. The controller can keep itself active by software. If a low +15 is detected in software, user can finish some routines/controls before shutting down the controller.

+15 is only for activation of the controller. The supply for the controller comes from the +30 connection.

The system connector (C) interfaces some onboard features and supplies the controller.

Pin Funtion Description
5- 7 K30 (supply) Battery positive connection
24 – 26  K31 (ground) Battery negative connection
3  K15 (contact) Switch on controller (active high)
14  CAN 1 Low CAN low line
15  CAN 1 High CAN high line
16  CAN 1 Ground Optional ground for shielding
20  CAN 2 Low CAN low line
21  CAN 2 High CAN high line
22  CAN 2 Ground Optional ground for shielding
1  Controller Reset Reset controller (active high)

Controller supply and maximum ratings.

The controller is supplied by the C connector. This supply is only used to power up the controller. Output modules are supplied separate from the controller. This means that each output module can drive a maximum of 15 Ampère and (when preferred) have a different working voltage than the controller itself. Check the datasheet from the Output Module for more information.

Parameter Specification
Supply voltage (K30) 7 to 32 V
Contact voltage (K15) 7 to 32 V
Nominal current consumption on K30 (no modules installed) 450 mA @ 24 V
Current consumption on K15 pin < 1 mA
Load dump protection Designed according ISO7637-2 5a/5b

General controller specifications.

Item Weight
GOcontroll Moduline II controller (without modules) 1380 gram
Each extra input module 13 gram
Each extra output module 29 gram
Each extra communication module 25 gram
Item Specification
Enclosure material Aluminium anodized grey
Seal material High density carbon holding foam (2mm)
Enclosure breather Goretex membrane®
Temperature range -20° C to 85° C
Enclosure label size 15 x 54 mm

Controller dimensions.

Please let us know if you consider to implement a GOcontroll controller into your system. We can provide a step file for more detailed dimensions.