2 Channel Power Bridge Module


The 2 channel power bridge module is a GOcontroll Moduline IV compatible expansion card to add a high power H-bridge to your modular controller. Instead of single bridge configuration, the module can also be used as 2 high power half bridges.

Schematical Representation.

Local control an monitoring of output

Communication with processor board

Module rail supply

Output channel 1

Output channel 2

Module ground

Software configurable interface circuit


  • Bi directional control of inductive and resistive actuators

  • High side or low side actuator control as switch (on-off)

  • High side or low side actuator control with duty cycle (0-100%)

  • Half bridge actuator control

  • Full bridge actuator control

  • Current controlled actuators


  • Continuous current up to 10 A

  • Can be used as full bridge, 2x half bridge, high and/or low side switch (on-off and duty cycle controlled)

  • Current of each channel can be read out (only for high side configuration)

  • Each output is short circuit and over temperature protected.

  • Module supply is reverse polarity protected

  • Module power supply is load dump protected (ISO 7637)

  • Bad ground connection detection (earth loop protection)

  • External supply voltage range from 6 to 24 Volt

Technical specifications.

The technical specifications are listed in the table below.

Min Nom Max Unit
Supply rail voltage (normal operation) 6 24 Volt
Nominal load current individual channels 10 A
Peak load current individual channels 14 A
Nominal load current H-bridge configuration 10 A
Peak load current H-bridge configuration 14 A
Switching frequency (duty cycle selected) 1 10 kHz
Duty cycle resolution 1 %

Pinout controller connector.

The module supply and output ports are directed from the module to the controller connectors. Each connector interfaces 2 modules. Only the half of the pins of one connector are dedicated to one module. Refer to the document ‘Processor board  guidelines’ for more specific information about module location and connector selection. Be aware of the location of the installed module before wiring the connector.

Module located on: 1-3-5-7

Module located on: 2-4-6-8

Module rail supply (internal connected)

Module ground

Output channel 1

Output channel 2

Module rail supply (internal connected)

Module ground

Output channel1

Output channel 2

Be aware to connect all the supply pins and ground pins before controlling any actuator. By connecting only one or two pins, the processor board and module are not able to distribute the amount of current that is required. The processor board and module can be permanently damaged.