GPS Module


The GPS module is a GOcontroll Moduline II compatible expansion card to add GPS functionality to your modular controller. Because the use of an external antenna, the antenna location can be chosen for the best signal strength. Beside a C library, the module can also be configured with an available Matlab Simulink function block1.


  • Localisation of the controller

  • Combine control information with location (agri culture)

  • Tracking information

  • GPS Speed calculation

  • Geographical time synchronization


  • Module retrieves longitude, latitude and altitude for positioning

  • 10 Hz update frequency

  • GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou positioning systems

  • -167 dBm sensitivity

Schematic representation

Local processing of GPS input

Communication with processor board

GPS antenna

GPS receiver chip

Pinout controller connector

The GPS module does not use any pin of the controller connector. When using a GPS module for you application, an extra antenna connection will be added to the aluminium housing.

Model based software development

The GOcontroll Moduline II controller can be programmed with Matlab Simulink. By easily drag and drop function blocks into your Simulink model, no knowledge about any programming language is needed to build a control system. Inside the model, you can use a function block that is designed for the GPS module. This function block enables you to configure the GPS module according to you demands using a graphic interface. The explanation of each configuration can be found inside the function block.

Signal comming from the module and can be used in your model

Module name

The module connector on the processorboard where the module is connected to.

Module article number

By double clicking the function block, the mask will open. Here you can configure your GPS module according your demands

The sample time determines the function block execution frequency. -1 is deafult and doesn't have to be changed

Select the module connector on the processor board on which the module is plugged in to

Check if you want the date in your project

Check if time is needed in a project (synchronization)

For positioning and tracking, check this checkbox

In case of speed calculation you can check the GPS speed option

Apply the configuration of the module

Standard information that comes from the GPS module is the GPS fix status, the number of satellites in view and the number of satellites in use. This onformation can be used to check the reliability of the GPS signal.

Date output

3 output ports are added to the function block; year, month and day

Time output

4 output ports are added to the function block; hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds

GPS coördinates

3 output ports are added to the function block; longitude, latitude and altitude

GPS Speed

The speed option only adds 1 output to the function block.

1  The function blocks are designed on top of the available, open source blockset of HAN Automotive Research. More information and downloads can be found on: