Project Description

H2 Trac is a company that develops a new type hybrid tractor and in parallel the first hydrogen tractor. On of the key points is the improvement of soil due to the controlled traffic farming (CTF) principle. CTF in combination with wider track width prevent the soil from being compressed and will result in higher harvest yield.

GOcontroll delivers the Moduline II and IV which are responsible for the core control of the tractor and the human machine interface. The Moduline controllers interface several other controllers and directly control the hitches, track-width system and steering system.

Activities GOcontroll is involved with:

  • Deliver Moduline controllers.
  • Advise in system architecture.
  • Basic programming for control system in the H2 Trac.
  • Dashboard (UI) programming on top of Moduline IV.

More information aboutĀ H2 Trac.