Project Description

Equisport projects is a company that builds high quality riding floors for the horse industry. These riding floors are equipped with a drainage systems which not only drains water during rain but also supplies water during dry periods. It’s so called ebb and flow riding floor.

GOcontroll developed a complete automated water leveling system based on the Moduline II controller. The system ensures the best floor quality during both rainy and sunny periods. Customers can control the waterlevel in the floor with their smartphone.

Activities GOcontroll is involved with:

  • Development of control system based on Moduline II.
  • Development of app to control the riding floor water level.
  • Development of the mechatronic system that actually controls the water level.
  • Maintenance of mechatronic system, app and control.
  • Remote monitoring to check functioning of the system.
  • Production of the complete system.

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