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The GOcontroll Moduline III and IV are embedded controllers with the main focus on flexibility. The world is changing fast so it’s not naturally that today’s features are still up-to-date in several months/years.

The Moduline including the installed modules can be updated using a remote repository. New features, safety updates and patches are added to the repository. For updating the Moduline, a wired or wireless connection to the internet is mandatory.

Check the latest releases in our online repository.

Modules up-to-date.

Due to the architecture of the GOcontroll Moduline, also the plugged in modules are running software for interfacing input signals and output controls.

Configurations from nodes, done by the user are send to the module during boot. These configurations are used during initialization of the module and during run-time. Since GOcontroll keeps adding features to the Node-RED environment, sometimes it is required to update the modules. When updating the Moduline Controller, the installed modules are detected automatically and the right software for update will be selected from the remote repository.

The Node-RED environment will show the state of the update and afterwards, the installed versions can be read from the specific module nodes.