Always the right controller.

The GOcontroll Moduline is designed to provide maximal flexibility for the user. Especially when it comes to rapid prototyping, feasibility studies or small series products, custom hardware can be a  significant load on a project in terms of costs and time.

The Moduline enables the build of custom hardware using tested and proven modules. Even if during a development process the requirements change due to new insights, the controller can be extended without any problem. This way, a hardware decision can be made during the early stage of a project. It doesn’t matter what follows, flexibility is there.

Robust electronics.

GOcontroll started in 2011 because the need of custom electronics during several development processes. For prototyping there is a lot available for building custom electronics. Schematics, microcontrollers, devices, wires, breadboards and so on. It always ended up in days, weeks, months selecting parts, program everything together and.. searching for electrical problems.

Building custom electronics whit these parts looks interesting but there are many pitfalls:

  • Different (needed) hats/shields share the same microcontroller pins.
  • Some parts require soldering or breadboards to wire them up.
  • Not all electronics are resistant against harsh (electronics) environments.
  • Some parts need specific software libraries to run.
  • Transition from desktop prototyping to field testing requires robustness, not open breadboards.

The Moduline provides a flexible, easy to program and robust platform that can be used for desktop prototyping and for use in field.

Custom modules.

If there are very specific electronic demands on the application that is going to be build, GOcontroll can design custom modules to plug into the controller. The modules are designed according to client requirements and interface blocks for Simulink and/or Node-RED are created. This approach adds even more flexibility to the GOcontroll Moduline controller.

GOcontroll want’s to keep the functionality of the Moduline up-to-date. That means market changes/demands can initiate the development of a new module. Customers who already have a GOcontroll Moduline can update their controller if needed. The new designed modules are backward compatible with existing Moduline controllers.