Flexible hardware.

The GOcontroll Moduline embedded controllers are designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Especially when it comes to rapid prototyping, feasibility studies or small series products, custom hardware can be a  significant load on a project in terms of costs and time.

The Moduline series controllers allow for implementing custom application specific hardware in the form of custom modules. Even if during a development process the requirements change due to new insights, the controller configuration can be changed or custom modules updated or redesigned without any problem. This way, a hardware decision can be made during the early stage of a project. This means that throughout the development progress the controller can be tailor made to the project needs.

Robust electronics.

Custom electronics for a development project can benefit a project greatly by reducing system complexity and preventing communication errors between different electronic devices. Designing custom electronics during a development project however can be a very time consuming and tedious proces, especially when the knowlegde, tools and skills required are not available.

There are a lot of comsumer grade development kits, in the form of microcontroller boards, shields, HATs, etc, that, in principle, offer a relatively easy way of making custom electronics. However these development tools are not designed to be used in the end application, or in the application at all for that matter. Industrial applications and especially automotive applications are very harsch on electronics, with load dump situations, electromagnetic interference, interrupted power supplies, chemical resistance, water ingress and corrossion.

The GOcontroll Moduline embedded controllers are designed to withstand the harsch conditions automotive electronics face. This starts with a robust enclosure to protect the delicate electronics inside against impact, water ingress and corrosion.

Also the electronics have been designed to meet ECE-R10 requirements, which was confirmed by testing the Moduline IV and Moduline Mini I at Kiwa-Dare Woerden in Q2 of 2023.

GOcontroll Android application.

GOcontroll developed a custom Android application for our Linux based controllers to view controller information and change controller settings on the fly over
Bluetooth. The GOcontroll Android application was developed in-house with maximum ease-of-use in mind. Within the app, the user can change interface settings, access network settings, update software and module firmware and more. The application contains a built-in manual, contributing to one of the core design goals of the app; ease-of-use.

To set up a connection with a controller over Bluetooth, power on the controller and open the GOcontroll application. Scan for Bluetooth devices and hit connect. The controller will ask for a verification code, which can be entered manually, but scanning the QR code on the label of the controller is advised.

The GOcontroll Android application can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Click the image for a quick link to the download page.

Functionality overview.

In this settings menu, the controller Bluetooth name can be changed. It also contains information about the controller hardware and software.

Settings of the communication/network interfaces can be changed in this menu. This includes Wi-Fi settings, WWAN settings and CAN bus settings.

This menu will give an overview of the installed modules and will show information about the module firmware. Firmware can also be updated from here.

This menu is created for future implementations.

This menu allows for enabling/disabling important services on the controller. Enabling a service here will automatically start the service, so no reboot is
required. This is also implemented with disabling, the service will be stopped immediately.

Custom modules.

If there are very specific electronic demands on the application that is going to be build, GOcontroll can design custom modules to plug into the controller. The modules are designed according to client requirements and interface blocks for Simulink and/or Node-RED are created. This approach adds even more flexibility to the GOcontroll Moduline controller.

GOcontroll wants to keep the functionality of the Moduline up-to-date. That means market changes/demands can initiate the development of a new module. Customers who already have a GOcontroll Moduline can update their controller if needed. The new designed modules are backward compatible with existing Moduline controllers.

August 2022

Argo-Anleg IR Module

GOcontroll developped a custom module for Argo-Anleg GmbH. This module was specifically developped for communicated refueling procedures for Hydrogen powered vehicles according to the SAE J2601 standard. The hardware used for these refueling procedures is defined in the SAE J2799 standard, obting for a contactless, ESD safe, infrared communication. The IR Module also includes some other pheripherals, for example two multi purpose outputs to actuate additional valves within the hydrogen storage system, a LED control output stage for a system state feedback LED, A dedicated CANbus on the module itself and a RS485 interface.

Note: This module cannot be ordered from GOcontroll directly as the design of this module is owned by Argo-Anleg GmbH.

Find out what Argo Anleg GmbH projects GOcontroll contributed to on our project page.

Modules installed in the field

September 2023

Argo-Anleg RTC Module

GOcontroll is developping another custom module for Argo-Anleg GmbH. This module is specifically developped for hydrogen cardridge containers on ships. The module will be able to wake up the controller based on a programmed time interval, to communicate system data over the air. The onboard battery charger will be able to charge the system backup battery when not connected to the ship’s power supply. On top of these main functionalities, there are six digital inputs implemented for container placement indication and vehicle/vessel distinction.

Note: This module cannot be ordered from GOcontroll directly as the design of this module is owned by Argo-Anleg GmbH.

Find out what Argo Anleg GmbH projects GOcontroll contributed to on our project page.

Modules installed in the field