6 Channel Output Module

The 6 channel Output Module is a GOcontroll Moduline compatible expansion card to add 6 general purpose output ports to your modular controller. The outputs are protected and configurable individually for a wide range of applications. The configuration can easily be set by the user in Node-RED.

GOcontroll 6 Channel Output Module

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Model based software development

The GOcontroll Moduline IV controller can be programmed with Node-RED. By easily drag an drop nodes  into the Node-RED environment, no knowlegde about any programming language is needed to build your control system. GOcontroll developed custom nodes for the 6 channel output module. This node enables you to configure each output channel according to your demands using a graphic user interface. The explanation of each configuration can be found in the info section of the node settings.

By double clicking the node, the node settings will open. Here you can configure your 6 channel input module according your demands

Here the user can specify an unique name for the output module node.

Select the module slot on which the output module is installed to.

  • Module on slot 1
  • Module on slot 2
  • Module on slot 3
  • Module on slot 4
  • Module on slot 5
  • Module on slot 6
  • Module on slot 7
  • Module on slot 8

The sample time can be set at 3 different settings.

  • 200ms
  • 100ms
  • 50ms

The switching frequency of the output can be selected. This switching frequency will apply to the individual output pairs (1&2, 3&4, 5&6).

  • 1 kHz
  • 2 kHz
  • 5 kHz
  • 10 kHz
  • 14 kHz
  • 17 kHz
  • 21 kHz

Here the user can speficy an unique Key for designated output channel.

Here, the user can select the type of output depending on the actuator that is connected.

  • Output channel disabled
  • Half bridge duty cycle controlled 0 – 100% (0 – 1000)
  • Low side switch duty cycle controlled 0 – 100% (0-1000)
  • High side switch duty cycle controlled 0 – 100% (0-1000)
  • Low side switch on – off
  • High side switch on – off

Here the user can limit the current through each individual channel.

NOTE: The maximum current for each channel may not exceed 5 A. The maximum total module current may not exceed 15A.