Programming with Node-RED

The GOcontroll Moduline III and IV are standard pre-programmed with Node-RED. Node-RED is a well maintained, open source graphical programming environment which enables the user to program their control algorithms with the help of nodes.

Node-RED comes with so called core nodes for most common interfaces and functions. Since the project is open, a lot of contributes have made specific nodes for interfacing and control. Simply adding these nodes, extent the possibility for the GOcontroll Moduline.

GOcontroll developed several nodes to interface the optional plugin modules and the on-board features. Without the knowledge of programming, users are able to build, customize, monitor and maintain their control algorithms.

Getting started with Node-RED.

Node-RED can be accessed as a web-service using a browser. A connection with the controller is mandatory and can be established using the on-board WLAN, configured as acces point, or using the wired ethernet connection. Pointing to the web-service from within the browser will provide acces to the development environment.

The environment provides a clear, intuitive platform with on the left a node library (palette) in the center the control algorithms, build by the user, (flow) and on the right side a information and configuration overview.

For more information, have a look at the Node-RED website

Node-RED interface.

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Creating flows.

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Node-RED Projects

Projects are a new way to manage your flow files. Rather than treat your flows as a simple pair of files, they represent everything you need to create a redistributable Node-RED application.

They are backed by a Git repository, meaning all of the files are fully version controlled and allow developers to use familiar workflows to collaborate with others.

For more information, have a look at the Node-Red Projects website.