CAN bus configuration.

The GOcontroll Moduline IV features 4 CAN bus interfaces, which can be individually configured to operate at user defined bus speeds. The user can access these settings in NodeRED and through a command line interface (CLI).

CAN bus configuration using NodeRED.

The bus speeds can be configured in the GOcontroll Settings node. CAN message specific settings and information about these settings can be found in the two custom developed CAN nodes, available in the GOcontroll node library.

CAN bus configuration using command line interface (CLI).

The bus speeds are listed in a file named interfaces, which can be found in the network folder in the directory.

This file can be accessed with the following command:

cd /etc/network

This file can be edited with the following command:

nano interfaces

The desired bus speeds for the individual CAN interfaces can be set by changing the standard 250000 (250kbps) bitrate.

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