WLAN configuration.

The Moduline IV features a WLAN interface, which needs to be configured by the user. The user can access these settings in NodeRED and through a command line interface (CLI).

WLAN configuration using NodeRED.

The WLAN configuration can be set in the GOcontroll Settings node. The user can enable/disable the WLAN interface, change the SSID and the password used. Changing the password is advised as all GOcontroll Moduline controllers use the password Moduline as standard.

WLAN configuration using command line interface (CLI).

The WLAN configuration settings are listed in a file named interfaces, which can be found in the network folder in the directory.

This file can be accessed with the following command:

cd /etc/network

This file can be edited with the following command:

nano interfaces

The desired WLAN configuration can be set by changing the WLAN parameters in this file.